Being Prepared for Extermination

Psychopaths and insane plutocrats rule this bizarre world and they have decided to destroy us, to replace our population with subhumans, thus to allow China and Saudi Arabia to inherit the planet… White People are being readied for extermination only we are NOT allowed to speak about it: for such would be deemed hate speech by them!  Because, they use term “hate speech” to stifle our free speech!  The plutocrats are killing us while not allowing us to call out for resistance.  However, our innate right to self-defense overrides their destructive laws and regulations.

Wake up!

In the United States and Europe, Chinese catch dogs, cats, rats, lizards, maggots and bugs as free and plentiful ingredients for their traditional “eating”, for making their nasty grubs for brainwashed idiots to pay for.  Besides, countless movies have promoted such gook-droppings as food.  Chinese just love to consume anything slimy and nasty which is also free or much cheaper than expensive pork or beef so why wouldn’t they make a meal out of it and sell it to dumbed down Americans (who would never know the difference, especially if they ground the ingredients and camouflage them with a great deal of strong spices)… Throughout Arabia, there are harems filled with kidnaped white women and very young girls.  In England, five Muslims have thrown acid in the face of a British toddler; in Paris, a Mongoloid (Japanese), Issei Sagawa has killed and eaten a Dutch girl, Renee Hartevelt and then he lectured at Tokyo University on how to fool, kill and devour a brainwashed white female who is insidiously thought how subhumans are people too; in Germany, the Turks are freely harassing, beating and raping Germans; in London, two negroes beheaded an Englishman on the street in front of everybody and afterword even talked to a sympathetic British woman who--due to the destructive mass media--utterly understood their macabre motives… In China, the subhumans use any opportunity to run over and maim or kill each other, especially the young ones: it’s their passion, a great pastime or a joyride; they also like to urinate or defecate in public: the street or shop or bus or train.  As a matter of fact, throughout the Orient, feces as well as the injured and dead bodies are everywhere.  In Asia, when someone dies, nimoids just leave the carcass in the street or toss it in the garbage or in the river… When a Soros’ boat, full of savages, beaches on a Spanish coast, the nimoids immediately start running, stealing, robbing, raping and destroying anything they find.  All over Western Europe, Muslims freely groom and have sex with very young white girls; and if the girl’s parents dare to complain, the police would arrest the father for being racist.  In most European countries, subhumans are first class citizens (the privileged or protected groups) and above the law; police does not bother them and in fact protects them thus the entire machinery of the state is there to serve them at the expense of Glorians… Chinese authorities execute thousands each year and sell their organs.  Slavery, prostitution and “child” prostitution are common all over Africa and Asia.  For instance, in Thailand parents sell their own kids for sex or in slavery; it’s just a shrewd business transaction to them.  Nepal Buddhists and Afghan Muslims love to rape young boys.  Such is normal to them.  In Nice, an Arab used a truck to run over and kill 88 people while injuring hundreds; other Muslims did the same in Germany, England, USA, Australia… In Colorado, a negro has beheaded a coworker.  Another negro did the same to a women in IKEA store in Sweden.  Meanwhile, in Africa and Southeast Asia, cannibalism is a common occurrence while Mongoloids are especially keen in devouring aborted fetuses--nimoids actually eat ABORTED FETUSES and/or discarded placenta--however, in Africa they prefer to kill a neighbor’s youngster believing it would bring them good luck and fortune; and then they might consume the victim as well… In Southern Africa, White People are attacked and brutally massacred each and every day just for being White, their farms and property taken away!  On Kosovo, Serbs are a minority thus have no rights while Muslims have all rights, benefits and privileges… Terror, exploitation and abuse of Christians is beyond belief; for instance, Muslims would attack and kill Serbs or kidnap them for organ harvesting and it would be performed without any anesthesia whatsoever; in addition, the victim might be kept alive, for days or months, until all desired organs are extracted… Wake up; the psychotic plutocrats, treacherous politicians and immoral media whores are making it happen!  They are responsible!  Our children will find themselves living in hell!  Nightmare awaits our progeny!  That will be our future all over Europe, North America and Australia, rather soon!  Those horrors are coming our way as soon as the subhumans become a majority (and it will be in no time).  That will be our destiny; that will be also Eastern Europe, unless we stand up, halt the invasion, hence, commence fighting against the occupiers and the traitors!

Every single year, there are more and more of them [subhumans: negroes, Indians, gypsies, Arabs, Mongoloids (slant eyed Asians), Turks, Hispanics, mongrels, etc.] while less and less of us [White People].  Initially, the change is gradual and unnoticeable until suddenly we become minority in our own towns, countries and then all hell will get lose… Hell is getting readied for our progeny!  Our children will be harassed, persecuted, hunted down, raped, molested, terrorized, enslaved and murdered just for being WHITE!  What is happening in South Africa and on Kosovo will be happening everywhere and, in fact, it will be far worse, a hundred times worse… The plutocrats and our treacherous politicians are preparing such for us, for our descendants, they are being paid well to do so… WHITE GENOCIDE is in making!  The traitors are bribed to collaborate while the patriots are punished, oppressed and silenced!

Plutocrats and quislings fear me the most; they are terrified of my words, of the truth thus have done a great deal to silence me… I am shadow banned on Twitter and YouTube; occasionally prevented from accessing the Internet; as well as the others are barred from finding my web site and my videos… The number of visitors are constantly lowered, positive votes and/or comments are perfidiously removed… They have banned great many of my presentations, even the entire channels… They closed three of my web sites in the last six years.  Some excessively deviant political parties in Serbia [heavily sponsored by Soros] see me as the arch enemy.  They are paying off slime to accuse me of anything plus have threatened to arrest me, on some trumped up charges, but really, because of what I write plus imply that I would be killed by subhumans while in prison… They have cut off my electricity twice already.  They have threatened to confiscate my property.  Their unsurpassed malice has cost me a fortune so far.  False rumors have been perfidiously spreading about me and this epic struggle against the malevolent madness.  I was sabotaged and blackmailed.  My Ph.D was canceled.  They have tortured and killed my animals.  They have been trying to starve my children for three whole years!  And this is only a short list of the atrocities they have malevolently perpetrated against me and my whole family so far… For that, all of that, they will pay tenfold: they will be sorry they were ever born!  Retribution is well deserved, is justified.  They have seen nothing yet.  I have not even begun to fight; until now, I was just worming up…

I did NOT kill, rape or rob anybody… If they arrest me it will be solely and exclusively because of my writings, regardless of what they would say, regardless of the reason they might come up with, regardless of what they could claim about me in their corrupt media: I will be a political prisoner, will be jailed only because I love that which I innately belong to thus want to protect my gender (from castration), to champion my people, race, culture and civilization; because I want to prevent HELL; while they [the traitors, masochists, immoral slime and subhumans] have been receiving money from the kleptocrats, the rich and the psychopaths, from China and Saudi Arabia to sell us out, to undermine our future, to destroy us!

~ August 3, 2018 ~


*Third Stage*
Epic Uprising Against Evil
~political struggle~

The Truth will Defeat Evil

National front and movement
[Populist Insurgency against Our Extermination]

Unite and organize!
This is the popular insurrection against the extreme injustice!

We are more than a political party; we are a movement for the protection and benefit of Glorians.

Perverts, traitors and subhumans are financed and organized by the parasitic plutocrats as well as by China and Saudi Arabia to invade and occupy our lands, to perform OUR GENOCIDE, to castrate man, molest our women and children, destroy our race, culture, tradition and civilization, to wage a clandestine war against all real patriots, to take our property and steal our homelands.

Unite and organize!

Extremely wealthy rule the world and they are bringing to power and in all key positions only the worst scum… Maniacs, traitors, idiots, masochists, perverts and nimoids live well while real patriots are ignored, kept in the background, ridiculed, degraded, maligned, blackmailed, are accused, arrested, fired, are discriminated, their property is confiscated, are tortured, hampered, impoverished, abused together with their children… No more!  Enough is enough!

Unite and organize!
We are the bright future
For our precious offspring!

Politicians are scum and crooks:
If we don’t save ourselves,
Nobody else would do it for us.

For glory and honor of our great ancestors:
Let the slime--along the occupiers--be sorry they were ever born!


The Epic Case of Discrimination

Sixty years ago, China was a backward country without cars, electricity or even running water; as a matter of fact, they were a personification of poverty, constantly starving to death and/or eating each other.  But plutocrats (most of all, David Rockefeller with servant Nixon) went there.  They massively invested, have built them up and moved there our money, knowledge and technology, our jobs, our entire industry, our prosperity.  They effectively transformed China into a world power… And as if that was not enough for them, they also elevated Saudi Arabia from poor, lifeless, parched desert into a powerhouse of Islam intended to conquer Europe, North America, Australia.  Additionally, through various means (mostly by clean water, modern food production, our medicine and constant assistance or aid) the rich psychopaths drastically increased the savage populations of Africa and Asia; while insidiously our numbers plummeted (due to many factors like: sick entertainment industry, castration of men, feminism, homosexuality, self-hatred & subhuman worship, race mixing, chemical and propaganda warfare…) thus the stage was set for their invasion of our lands, their conquest of us.  Crazy oligarchs intentionally initiated all of that…

The biggest enemies to humanity, to this planet, to our civilization, to sanity are the plutocrats together with China and Saudi Arabia.  They are behind all the evil that is currently happening!  They are bribing and buying out anybody and anything they can thus are responsible for and are actually performing WHITE GENOCIDE!

Politicians are corrupt and heavily against White Men.  Laws and courts are corrupt and heavily stacked against White Men.  Mass media and entertainment are decadent, sick, corrupt, controlled and heavily against White Race, especially against White Men.  Entire society is deranged, diseased and anti-white, anti-men… They hate White Males, our race, culture and civilization!  They want to destroy us!

A subhuman (i.e. an Arab) can rape and/or seduce a very young white girl and he would be allowed to do so.  The nimoid could even film it and put the video on the Internet but a White Man would be arrested if he only downloaded that same video.  It’s like a criminal being allowed to kill your son but you will be sent to jail just for witnessing it.  That is mind bugling injustice!

White Men are not permitted to do anything--especially to speak or write about the horror that is coming our way--and are punished for any reason or for no reason whatsoever.  On the other hand, subhumans are preferred and protected group in this sick world (ruled by the insane plutocrats and their servants, some totally deranged psychopaths).  The rich and the nimoids can do anything and are above the law.  The laws are discriminatory and anti-white, anti-men.  Such is extreme bigotry that is practiced by the lunatics in power.  Draconian injustice is being viciously perpetrated against us and our progeny!  Each year it will be worse and worse…

The best possible solution, the superb remedy would be for Putin and Trump to get together then the two of them--with their combined militaries--to wipe out China and Saudi Arabia as well as to hunt down and arrest the responsible parties: the Rothschilds, the British Royals, the Dutch Royals, the Rockefellers, the Soros, the Gates, the Buffetts, etc. as well as their kleptocratic servants [Zuckerberg (Facebook), Bezos (Amazon), Wojcicki (YouTube), Anderson Cooper (CNN), etc.]…  Those morbid freaks must be charged for the high treason, for the attempted GENOCIDE OF WHITE RACE, for the CASTRATION OF WHITE MEN, for ATROCITIES AGAINST SANITY AND NATURE… It would be the very first step in the right direction before this planet could be cleansed from the rot and decay!

NOTE:  The previous e-mail (bpeuprising@yandex.com) was hacked in several hours after it was made public.
~ August 3, 2018 ~
~ August 3, 2018 ~