Dragan Glavasic:

Just because something has two legs and two arms: it doesn’t imply it is a human being!  After all, monkeys have arms and legs, just as parrots can speak, just as nimoids can do some math: but they are not human… Ability to invent original content in science and art, as well as of possessing affinity, higher emotions and advanced thinking are the trademarks of being a human to which just Glorians qualify.

Only and exclusively White Race is human race.  Subhumans are soulless (essenceless) animals.  To compare them with us is to juxtapose that which is easy to that which is complex, is to compare simple drawings to Rembrandt’s masterpiece, a plain melody to Beethoven’s symphony, some idiotic nonsense or brainless ramblings to Lobachevsky’s geometry or Plato’s philosophy.  White race is the mankind and those others, the nimoid simpletons are not!

The Smartest Race

Deplorable subhumans [Negroes, Mongoloids and mongrels] are infamous for being liars and born crooks.  What they know to do well is how to rob, lie, cheat, steal, create chaos, dystopia, horror and destruction!  And absolutely nothing else; they are the manifestations of rot and decay.  Look what they did to Easter Island, Chicago, Detroit, California, Lunik IX, South Africa… Those are disgusting animals whose DNA is a pure poison… Only our corrupt media, sick entertainment industry and warped “education” under the auspices or the orders of psychopathic plutocrats want us to see them as our equals or even as our superiors!  Wake up!  Lunatics have taken over: they will destroy everything!  Easter Island was nothing compared to what will beseech our planet and life on it.  With their belligerent simplemindedness and our advanced technology, our nuclear weapons at their disposal: they will decimate and destroy everything!  Omnicide is coming.

In this corrupt world, a person’s success in life does not demonstrate intelligence since individual prosperity is mostly determined by who someone knows rather than what he knows.  Nepotism or connections have always been very important.  Also, in USA and Europe, utterly sick political correctness and affirmative action are increasingly so dominant factors for getting job, money, career, position, fame, prosperity, etc.  Thus, the preferred groups (nimoids, e.g. Asians or Mongoloids often succeed in business while Negroes in entertainment or sport or academia) are favored by the warped structure.  They are rewarded, hailed and promoted as a way to systematically replace us.  White Men are being insidiously belittled and brutally discriminated in our own countries!  Forced to accept it and to be quiet.  Furthermore, the citizens are then brainwashed that such is good and proper.  Plus that nimoids are smarter than us for they are outperforming us in great many endowers. [For instance, the Indians (that have the most deplorable living conditions while in India and the lowest possible standard of life on this planet, surrounded with carcasses and cadavers, with tons of trash and excrement) somehow are the most prosperous group as soon as they arrive in USA; and according to sick media, it is not because the system is preferring them but rather that is because their intelligence somehow catapults as soon as they arrive in America.  Only the big truth is that USA is insidiously discriminating against White Men, prefers those savages thus will rather soon deteriorate to the level of India as soon as the nimoids take over.  And that is, actually, the plutocrats’ insane plan.] Asia and Africa might prosper as long as our money and technology are propping them up--but the moment our resources are completely depleted: it will be the end of everything!  Dystopia, entropy and omnicide.

Under the guidelines of plutocrats, the system is terribly rigged in great many ways.  Only, all of it is very destructive!  For instance, gypsies have demolished entire region (Lunik IX) of Kosice in Slovakia; plus the system is enabling the subhumans to lie, cheat and steal from us: individually as well as on the grand scale as a country.  So the Chinese living in USA are enabled to cheat their way to getting diplomas and good jobs and/or are being declared the best students.  Meanwhile, China is not only allowed to spy on us, to steal and misappropriate our knowledge and technology but is also intentionally given all our military or other advanced secrets and technology concerning: submarines, rockets, spaceships, computers, the Internet, artificial intelligence, telecommunications, genetic engineering, etc.  All of that is given to them for free or they are permitted to steal it from us.  Entire factories and companies, including their research are moved to Asia.  It is our knowledge, discovered by White Men and only by White Men that is given mostly to Mongoloids (and to some extent to Negroes as well)!

IQ tests could be, and often are, rigged to enable specific outcomes.  In other words, those that make tests--or those that rule this planet--can fix them to show how specific individuals or groups are smarter than others.  Besides there is no way someone can design an IQ test that will unequivocally demonstrate someone’s true intelligence.  At best, the tests have a rather limited use and are mostly a concealed farce… School achievements or receiving specific grades at school or getting a diploma is not necessarily a sign of cleverness neither, since it could be, and often is, cheated and/or increasingly so bought or outright given due to a political correctness.  For instance, in Serbia [due to Soros’ meddling] the corrupt government has forbidden teachers from giving bad grades to the gypsies and they have other substantial privileges as well compared to Serbian (or European) children in our own schools and colleges; so it goes to reason that the preferential treatment for subhumans is even more prevalent in USA [the country where Soros resides, the country which invented the infamous affirmative action]. In other words, schools and colleges in America and Europe are ordered by the inbred ruling class to treat nimoids as a privileged or protected or preferred groups thus to enable them to cheat and/or to turn the blind eye to their fraudulent activities.  In a way, everything is structured or constantly rigged as to enable the subhumans to succeed and outperform Glorians.  They are easily getting grades and diplomas thus jobs just because they are subhuman, even though they do NOT deserve them, even though such is totally destructive, excessively insane and utterly bizarre: it is called affirmative action [a systematic and legalized form of discrimination against White Men].
There are great many ways they can be fraudulent.  One of the favorite ways for mongoloids to cheat is to form so called “study groups” where several Chinese get together and each one of them reads just one textbook, for the whole semester, while taking notes; so a White Student has to read between ten and twenty-five books to pass the college courses for one academic year, which is hard to accomplish and not many could do; meanwhile, mongoloids take a long time to read just one textbook and summarize it then they exchange the summaries and information to all required texts: thus they receive diplomas without accomplishing required readings, for reading just a small fraction of the required material but since the professors are ordered to be extremely lenient towards them and since colleges cater to their needs: they are passing with flying colors, actually, promoted as the best students even though their education is inadequate or shallow… It’s like a White Man forced to finish a six year medical school; but a mongoloid is allowed to take a fortnight course and is given to be a doctor instead of the Glorian.  Such is terrible injustice and larceny!  The warped system is rigged to enable the subhumans to abuse it… They are the preferred groups.  Only the true name for it is CHEATING and DISCRIMINATION thus they are getting diplomas without accomplishing required readings, without digesting the given books, without acquiring necessary understanding on the subject matter for seeing just a fraction of it, hence, without the deeper understanding, the true knowledge, without accomplishing the assigned work, the curriculum!  They are getting diplomas and success in life through fraud [the one thing the subhumans are really good at].  Worst of all, by being labeled best students those crooks are being rushed into the specific upper positions in society!  As a matter of fact, entire USA is rigged as to turn the young Asians into the most prosperous group while making young White Men into the least successful.  It is essentially a part of the much larger scheme for population replacement… Such is yet another example on how the entire structure and the discrimination are systematically used against us as to undermine or destroy society.  They are drastically reducing our numbers and our economic power as a prelude to our pending genocide!  Our achievements are mostly ignored, ridiculed, drastically reduced in significance, belittled, stolen, assigned to others while anything theirs is hailed as something remarkable even though it is anything but.  White people are massively brainwashed to self-hate, to feel white-guilt, to worship subhumans.

The only relevant method for determining racial intelligence is the achievements that the three races or species [Caucasoid, Negroid and Mongoloid] including the mongrel groups (the mixture of those races: the Indians, the Gypsies, the Arabs, the Hispanics, the Aborigines, etc.) have accomplished so far.  So let’s see.  Mongoloids [race that exists for 70,000 years] have supposedly discovered just few things: the most significant being gunpowder.  But let’s scrutinize it further.  Gunpowder is a mixture of three naturally occurring components: sulfur, charcoal and saltpeter.  All of them are present in nature.  Through alchemy [irrational attempt to create gold and find the elixir of youth], Chinese have for centuries mixed anything with anything.  Any strange or unusual substance would be combined with any other, hoping that it would produce gold or immortality.  By a pure chance, one of those combinations (was of sulfur, charcoal and saltpeter thus it) produced black powder that burned fast, rapidly released gases and made noise.  But they were too dumb to realize its true potential or what could be accomplished with such.  The best those primitive shamans could do is to burn it as to impress or scare others while pretending to be magicians or implying to have some special powers in the same way they have used plant opiates for centuries in various rituals as to drug and fool the religious devotees or the gullible… Doing what subhumans do best: lie and cheat.  Actually, it is the only thing they do well... Hence, it took the intelligence of White Men to realize what the black powder could be utilized for and to intentionally think of, thus, to purposely design a contraption (the gun) that can be used to exploit the chemical properties of gunpowder!  Hence, mongoloids discovered black powder by accident while White Men realized its true potential and envisioned a contraption that can harvest its combustive properties… Which is unequivocally a proof of White Men’s innate mental superiority.  Mongoloids might have started alchemy and superstitions or anything irrational while Glorians most definitely have invented chemistry, science (or scientific method) and the rational approach for the comprehension of reality: which required an advanced strain of intellect.
They also propose a notion that perhaps Mongoloids supposedly invented paper; which is not true since paper or papyrus existed in ancient Egypt [which was initially inhabited by White Race before it was gradually polluted by Negroes and Arabs] much earlier (some 2,500 years earlier than in China) and it took White Men to additionally think of paper mills in the 13th century in order to create real paper as we know it nowadays.
And those are supposedly the two crucial or pivotal discoveries made by Mongoloids… Just as well, everything else--those other far less significant discoveries--they claim to have perceived or what the ruling psychopaths and corrupt schools or the perverted media and entertainment industry might contribute to them is utterly false!  And those are too trivial for us to bother with them, to be mentioned or analyzed here.  The best those nimoids can do is to take the existing invention (done by White Men) for instance the CD or the email or a DVD player or a car and tweak it a bit then the corrupt system will lie or take any opportunity to declare them as the inventors [in the same way they desperately try to declare simpleminded women and/or ghastly subhumans to be philosophers just because they might have said some bizarre nonsense or irrational gobbledygook or have read few philosophy books]. [The deviant tendency is to take any opportunity to elevate nimoids and/or women while viciously denigrating White Men!  The insane plutocrats are behind it, are making it all happen, are financing the entire deception.] But just because some stupid Africans or Asians or mongrels or women committed suicide by jumping from a high cliff, it is NOT the case that they should be accredited for the invention of the flight or the airplane. [Something which they actually do in the media as well as on our universities, at those idiotic women’s and/or African or Asian studies.]
As far as Negroes go, for 120,000 years (how long their primitive race has been existing): they have discovered or achieved absolutely nothing!  Any claim to the contrary--and in this corrupt world ruled by the bizarre psychopaths, we can expect such as well, and increasingly so--is a lie. [Aside from attempting to proclaim some Africans to be artists, musicians, even composers, writers, college professors and perhaps philosophers: which is extremely absurd, not much else is attempted; as if the ruling maniacs have decided to mainly use Mongoloids to dethrone Glorians on the cognitive plain and Negroes to destroy us genetically through race mixing.] And the same goes for all mongrels: they discovered nothing of any significance which is a proof that race mixing is a destructive activity, it just destroys White Race since the mix of us with subhumans is NOT a diluted version of us, it does not improve us but rather it is just as mindless as are pure subhumans.
White Race or species has arrived on the scene in Europe [present-day Russia: the Caucasus Mountains (thus the name Caucasians)] some 32,000 years ago--probably by evolving from Neanderthals and/or Cro-Magnons--and in that short time span WHITE MEN have discovered or realized absolutely EVERYTHING!  Electricity, magnetism, computers, the Internet, Gutenberg press, TNT, dynamite, nuclear energy, space ships, space travel, atom, molecule, minerals and vitamins, DNA, living cell, subatomic particles, radio, telegraph, telephone, airplane, science, physics, philosophy, mathematics, Euclidian and Non-Euclidian geometries, biology, real art, car, steam engine, train, submarine, galaxy, the solar system, oxygen, the Mendeleev’s periodic table of elements, alphabet, grammar, punctuation, encyclopedias, dictionaries, books, films, harmony, music theory, evolution, real medicine, x-rays, refrigerators, air-conditioning, plumbing, bed, table and chairs, glass, cement and concrete, stone castles, skyscrapers, bricks, petrol, rubber, plastic, nylon, spoon and fork, violin and piano, music notation, symphony, antibiotics, cameras and photographs, pants, shirts, shoes, underwear, sextant, compass, assembly line and factory, helicopter, glasses and contact lenses, stethoscope, gravity, the laws of motion, the theory of repeating patterns, cosmology, logic, democracy, republic, intellectualism, the immortality argument, microscope, telescope, radar, television, mobile phones, etc.  Thousands upon thousands other inventions and discoveries… Anything of any true significance was discovered, realized, thought of, comprehended or designed by White Men and White Men only!  No women and/or subhumans. [Regardless that those nimoid crooks, together with the insane plutocrats and their ghastly servants, will try to insidiously steal or misappropriate White Men’s remarkable achievements: the truth is that we did it all!] And such is a definite proof of our intellectual superiority!  Also the overwhelming evidence that we are humans and they are not.

According to the warped media and sick entertainment: mongoloids--who could not think of alphabet and just use two twigs or sticks to eat (most disgusting grubs imaginable) or instead of shoes just use a piece of wood tied to the foot--are smarter than Glorians, even though we did invent entire kitchen, dining room and everything in them; as well as psychology, the mass media and entertainment industry or everything associated with, including propaganda and the technique of brainwashing… But if they have persuaded dumbed down population to accept that 2+2=5 then they can make them believe anything irrational [including that nasty simpletons, those subhuman savages are the smartest creatures on this doomed planet and the inventors of everything].

In addition, the nimoids’ innate tendency towards crime, antisocial behavior, cannibalism, their total disdain towards life, including their own kind [for instance, Mongoloids just love to abuse our invention (the car) to brutally run over, thus maim or murder each other as well as their own brood; while Negroes regularly kidnap and ritually kill the neighbor’s offspring; and they all eat the most incredible or disgusting things, including one another] that no sane individual would dare to call them human, therefore, the only proper distinction for those nasty cannibals would be nimoids or SUBHUMANS, for that is exactly what they are: soulless [essenceless] creatures, NOT of our kind, NOT us, NOT human!  [Just about the only way they can maintain a semblance of society is by the draconian measures of publically executing thousands of their citizens each and every year as they do in China [the official number is between 3,000 and 5,000 executions annually which are probably false or very reduced figures]; for without such harsh reprisals and drastic measures their sick society will quickly disintegrate in utter disorder, brutal savagery and chaos.] In addition, their utter lack of compassion and empathy is a pure sign of them not being human.  They don’t possess any deeper feelings or emotions which are the trademarks of humanity.  The best they can do is to pretend or fake their emotions (in case they live in the West or are imitating humans). Their total deficiency in esthetics [a genuine sense of what is beautiful] is yet another proof.  They absolutely have no genuine sense of what is esthetically acceptable.  Folk craft done by Asians or Africans is simply disgusting.  It is repulsive!  They are incapable to create anything that is aesthetically pleasing to senses.  The most they can do is to imitate humans and to counterfeit compassion or human like behavior if they are placed in predominantly human environment (like if they move to a western country). Which means that Negroes and Mongoloids are fake humans!  But as soon as their numbers drastically increase, especially if they become a majority: their true nature will take over and all hell will get loose: they will kill whoever they can, do brutal massacres and ritual sacrifices, cannibalize, defecate and urinate everywhere (on streets, in shops, busses, classrooms, hallways, restaurant floors…), leave rotting cadavers in public, rob, cheat and steal: destroy everything… They are abomination.  Because that is what they do!  That is in their intrinsic nature, that is who Mongoloids and Negroes innately are, that’s how they tend to behave in their natural environment, when they are in their element… For God’s sake, those nasty creatures like to eat ABORTED FETUSES along with bloody placentas!  They are NOT human!

Those barking mad lunatics in power, the parasitic psychopaths, those evil plutocrats [the mega wealthy idiots]: they want to eradicate entire White Race and to replace us with the dumb subhumans because only White Men are smart enough to realize what is really going on [that a bunch of insane plutocrats are leading us towards oblivion] that knowingly or unknowingly, those maniacs will ultimately perform OMNICIDE (a total destruction of all life on this planet) thus only White Race can stop them!  We are the last chance for humanity and we also represent a danger to the insane plutocrats… The psychotic kleptocrats use dumb and immoral masochists (i.e. women and weirdoes) as well as subhumans [Negroes, Mongoloids and mongrels] alongside perverts [feminists, homosexuals, transgender maniacs] to attack White Men and induce our GENOCIDE!  Either we arrest all of them (the mad plutocrats and their immoral servants) and get rid of the subhumans and the perverts or those ghastly creeps will demolish this entire planet!  Our nuclear weapons in the hands of simpletons or subhumans can imply only a global calamity, a fast approaching doomsday!

Easter Island was a luscious piece of land in the southeastern Pacific.  It had plentiful flora and fauna, including a large forest and numerous bird colonies.  Food was abundant.  But when some desperate, starving, dying, wretched Polynesians [Mongoloids] drifted on the island on their tiny rafts they systematically destroyed it all, like a swarm of termites.  Almost every plant and animal was eaten, the trees were toppled (extinct) in order to build and move their ridiculous statues (carved from soft volcanic rock)… The island was devastated: all trees and animals were gone thus desperate Mongoloids hunted and ate each other to extinction!  But now, crazy plutocrats and their immoral servants are bringing Mongoloids and Negroes to our lands to invade us and to utterly decimate Europe, North America and Australia thus to replace us with them! [NOTICE: Only our lands are being targeted, invaded and terribly polluted with those nasty cannibals.]

We are being flooded by the subhumans while China is flooded with our money, resources, factories, knowledge and technology; is also allowed to steal from us, to bribe our politicians and assorted scum, to exploit us and rob us blind… The slant eyed savages are permitted to lie, cheat and steal their way through our system (especially education) since they are a preferred group (just like Negroes).  The morbid system is rigged to assist them in destroying us, to help them succeed on our expense… The plutocrats are utterly crazy and they want to replace humans with subhumans.

Mongoloids, Negroes and mongrels are essenceless or soulless animals… Nimoids are deadly poison that the macabre psychopaths (the lunatics in power) are insidiously using to extinct the smartest race, to brutally destroy humanity!  Wake up!


[NOTE:  Karl Marx would not have accomplished anything if the leading plutocrats did not support and promote him… Intelligence agencies are the most potent institutions in any country.  If they decide to promote this text: our race and culture will survive and prosper.  Otherwise we shall parish… As a matter of fact, almost anything or anybody that is viral or well known or famous on the Internet has the backing of some power structure (most often it is CIA or some other I.A.). Unfortunately, they are in the process of inducing our destruction and not our survival or prosperity.]

To claim that there aren’t the three races or species [Caucasians, Mongoloids and Negroids] but that we are all the same is to claim that 2+2=5, is to warp reality, is a gaslighting [to psychologically force someone to accept an obvious lie as the truth].
Racism is an innate phenomenon, designed by nature, in order to weed out the inferior races, so that intellect would improve.  Only in a deviant world, destined for annihilations, the superior intellect is eliminated to make the room for inferior races!

Dynamite is an explosive made of nitroglycerin, sorbents and stabilizers.  It was invented by Swedish chemist and engineer Alfred Noble in 1866.  It rapidly gained wide-scale use as a more powerful alternative to gunpowder.  The production of dynamite requires envisioning an elaborate process since only sorbents [powdered shells or clay] could be easily found in nature… TNT [chemical formula: C6H2(NO2)3CH3] is yet another explosive invented in 1863 by German chemist Julius Wilbrand and it requires three step complex process to be produced… AK-47 is an assault rifle invented by Russian mechanic and tank commander Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1947 and which is still the best and most widely used weapon of its kind for which he was given the military rank of general in 1999…

Race mixing is an insidious degeneracy, because, if foul excrement is mixed with wholesome milk: the product is NOT a tasty milkshake but rather a dreadful diarrhea excretion.

Subhumans are worthless parasites.  Any organism terribly infested with parasites will perish.  And so will sick or polluted society!