Dragan Glavasic:
The System

As someone once said: “Through action a man becomes a hero; with death a hero transcends into a legend; in time a legend transforms into a myth; upon hearing a myth, noble men are spurred to action.” And that might be an underlining reason why the bad system prefers to ignore the real patriots rather than to make martyrs out of them.

Every country, every large organized society has at its foundation an essential or a primary system.  It is how they are structured or organized.  The system is the way society functions.  It usually has the constitution, founding ideas or guiding philosophies (ideology) at its epicenter (though they might not be clearly defined or specified).  It is comprised of the government as well as a great many offices, institutions, departments, organizations, subsystems, firms, companies, groups, clubs, unions and the people that work in them or are a part of such colossal structure… The system is the most potent and powerful entity where intelligence agencies, deep state, mass media, entertainment industry, banking and finance, political parties, military and the police, judiciary system, education are some of the most significant components of it.  In the West, the rich (especially extremely wealthy) are a pivotal segment: are at the very top of the power pyramid therefore the machine most of all works for them.

Any individual that is within the structure or for whom the system works will be successful and everything will come easy to him regardless of his intelligence or abilities.  He or she can be the dumbest person on this planet but if supported by the structure, if favored by it (or if a part of the system) that individual could accomplish a great deal that other individuals, not a part of the structure, would never achieve.  The doors will be mostly opened to the ward of the system (or for a person with appropriate connections) while an outsider without connections (no matter how incredibly smart he might be) will be ignored, punished, censored, harassed, blocked and prevented especially if his endower does not benefit, if it harms the system or those in charge of it or those for whom the system exists.  In other words, in a warped society with decadent system, the dumbest or most crazy person can easily outperform a smart man.  In such a corrupt and backward society, the simpleton, a subhuman or a pervert might be acclaimed, famous, successful, rich while the smart man will be poor, unknown, ridiculed if the machine prefers the dumb one over the smart one: if the stupid or deviant creature is a part of the structure or is considered as politically correct but the smart or normal man is not.  Or if the simpleminded citizen has adequate connections but the smart man does not.
In the West, for instance, the machinery works for the (extremely) rich: thus whoever or whatever becomes successful, rewarded, well-off, famous, renowned or praised: that person or what he does has to be beneficial to the system and/or the wealthy or their goals.  He must be a part of the machine or at least need to have sufficient connections or otherwise it has to be “politically correct”, meaning: the system prefers it and wants it to excel. [For instance, in USA politically correct, currently are: subhumans, women, perverts (homosexuals, transgender, feminists) or anything that is crazy, bad, nasty, sick, deviant, destructive or utterly detrimental (like sterilizing or killing White Children).] Otherwise, it will be ignored, shunned, ridiculed, forbidden, penalized or sanctioned.  Where those inside the system (who work in it or have relatives (friends) working in it) have the priority for a chance to achieve something and their success will be long lived.  People that are not a part of the structure but who themselves or whose ideas or labor or whatever the system finds beneficial or politically correct might be used (and rewarded) by the system as long as they are deemed useful to it and that is often short lived: thus they will probably get discarded or abandoned eventually (as soon as their usefulness ceases or even sooner)! But those that are a part of the machine will succeed in whatever they do and even if they somehow don’t succeed with their first attempt: they will be given the second or the third or the fifth chance if such would be needed.  But because the system is so powerful, often the very first attempt turns successful (unless they find it detrimental or undesirable then come those other chances).

As an illustration, Sigmund Freud, Adorno, Einstein, Russell and Hawking were system wards [the first three had strong Jewish connections] thus they were successful and made famous in science even though their ideas were mostly wrong and utterly ridiculous.  For instance, Steven Hawking was a cripple with nonsensical ideas thus very much politically correct while Bertrand Russell, being an aristocrat, promoted visions which were beneficial to the plutocrats, however, he (together with Whitehead) could not prove that one plus one equals two… On the other hand, I have been constantly ignored or attacked (together with my entire family) because I am not a system ward, not politically correct and my ideas are detrimental for the ultra-rich.  Even though I have written a great deal of genuine philosophy that might improve our understanding of the ultimate reality and I have even proven on a single page that which Russell and Whitehead together could not on thousand pages.  Furthermore, I am convinced that there are other individuals just like me who are attacked, persecuted, ignored and forbidden from accessing the public just because they are not to the liking of the degenerate slime (do not serve the plutocrats), just because we are not politically correct: only I have never heard of them, nobody has ever heard of them: they were not on TV or in the media!  Because, the rigged system would not allow it; does NOT want them to be known.  As a matter of fact, there is in all likelihood some new Rembrandt or Beethoven or Lobachevski out there that is ignored thus whose talent will be wasted because the ruling psychopaths (the evil system) plans to eradicate entire White Race, decimate intellect, our advanced culture and civilization.  Henceforth, they will gladly promote ugliness and perversion, all that is bad and decadent, will work on OMNICIDE, will turn successful some subhuman idiots (performing ghastly rap depravity) but will intentionally ignore real wisdom or genuine beauty thus starve to death a real genius!  Wake up before it is too late.  Intellectual revolution is in order!  They have terribly sinned against us, our offspring, against sanity, against nature.  Psychopaths and lunatics are in charge of this current, excessively deviant structure and they will induce OMNICIDE!

In the West, in order to reach the higher echelons of servitude within the system, in order to become really successful, rich, influential, famous, powerful: a person has to be a part of the machine and also has to join the perverted club where he or she will be extremely degraded (forced to perform something illegal or immoral or nasty or something horrible will be done to that new member (it frequently involves feces, to be sodomized and orally penetrated, sexual abuse, bestiality and/or necrophilia)) so that he or she will be blackmailable therefore under their mercy or rather a strict control.  So all successful politicians, media whores, celebrities, business executives, intellectuals, writers, scientists, artists, entertainers, actors, musicians, athletes, etc. have to join the club in order to gain a chance for riches and fame.  Later on, if he does or says anything not to their liking: he must repent and gravel immediately or the nasty secret will be leaked to the media (which they control) or at the place of his employment and/or that person’s life will be ruined: he will never work again or have any success, a position in society, any money or future.  That way the members of the perverted club have to be obedient and do as they are told, have to contribute for and work on achieving plutocrat’s hidden agenda in exchange for being influential, well-known, rich and powerful. [Such is an insidious tool for keeping those at key positions in society in line but unless we relentlessly resist this gruesome decadence will arrive to Eastern Europe also (if not already here).]

Self-interest implies that an entity (a person or a group of people) will reason and behave as to ultimately benefit itself or those structures he or they belong to. [However, it often requires intelligence to discern the best options or to comprehend the whole picture thus make the most appropriate solution.  E.g. A man might have to endanger his life or endure a hardship in order to save his child, family or race (extended family).] On the other hand, self-interest is a key factor which enables the corrupt society and those ghastly psychopaths to bribe especially simpletons and/or immoral citizens so they would turn traitors of their own kind or induce them to serve the evil regime even though it might be obvious that such will not end well.  But those are mostly simpleminded servants of the doomed regime because it does not take much to perceive how our society is accelerating its fall into a disaster, henceforth, even those that currently live well (or have money, position and power) will eventually (and rather soon) pay the price with their lives or the lives of their loved ones (in case they have children).  What current psychopaths in charge are doing is actually a road to certain death and destruction: a rapid descent towards omnicide!

In a bizarre or unnatural world, a loose female has one more viable option or an additional avenue for acquiring fame or to become successful which is by having sex with those in power (those that can enable her ascent).  As a matter of fact, “casting couch” is a (rather frequently applied) well-known way for aspiring sluts to advance their position in life or to be famous actresses, musicians, media whores, writers, business executives, etc.  That way women offer sexual favors in exchange for building their career… In a sick world, such also and with ever-increasing frequency applies to males thus perverted world favors sluts, perverts (homosexuals) and immoral people: places them to be successful and in the positions of power and influence: to rule and oppress the rest… As a matter of fact, the deformed world seems to be bent toward favoring all that is backward, destructive, bad, deformed and decadent: including preferring those immoral as well as psychopaths, subhumans, females and homosexuals or perverts rather than a normal male.  Because, a real man will not allow himself to be sexually abused and molested but women and homosexuals will gladly submit to such degradation.

The existing system is controlled by the insane “elite”--those are utter psychopaths--therefore, they want to castrate White Men, to perform white genocide, ruin intelligence and beauty (real science and art), destroy family, our entire culture and civilization before they terminate life, perform omnicide.  As a matter of fact, those Devil worshipers and extreme lunatics believe to be space aliens or gods and/or want to merge with machines.  They are barking mad, occult practicing maniacs, utter psychopaths especially keen on harming, abusing and killing little children.  They receive numerous transfusions of children’s blood and/or drink their blood, eat their organs in a bizarre compliance to supposedly some ancient rituals, allegedly some forgotten religions. [No wonder, those morbid psychopaths love subhumans for such gruesome debauchery is totally normal for Mongoloids and Negroes: the nimoid cannibals constantly kill and/or eat each other; for they are immoral or soulless (essenceless) animals capable of performing anything nasty or macabre, a bizarre squalor, any form of evil under the Sun.] The affluent psychopaths are utterly crazy but they can get away with anything, they are successful too because the deranged system works for them and will help them achieve such madness, regardless just how ghastly those plans might be or how insane those perverts really are… It is up to us to wake up the majority as to stop the morbidly deranged creeps from destroying everything!  There are so many of us and so few of them (especially those crazy sociopaths at the top of the power pyramid: those that know nothing, can do nothing (not even to change a light bulb) but have everything).

It is the question of life and death: whether we will survive and prosper or become extinct…

Within a warped or corrupt system, the rich are paying off or bribing poor men to become their servants (policemen and soldiers) as to protect the affluent with their own lives thus help them rob, suppress and exploit the population at large… To end such injustice it would take for at least half of the police or military to wake up and decide to switch the alliances thus to arrest the plutocrats and their most loyal servants (bankers, CEOs, politicians, judges, entertainers and media whores)… Only, that is not likely to happen since the policemen and soldiers are specifically chosen to be rather dimwitted so not to be capable to realize what is really happening: that
wealthy parasites are exploiting the rest (including the policemen) and that the system is enabling multitudes to be intentionally fooled, confused and brainwashed, is enabling such injustice to continue ad infinitum.  The poor men are paid crumbs to protect the rich crooks thus to help them rob everybody.  However, the police ought to protect its people and not the thieves: especially should not protect those nasty top criminals from the fury of the enraged citizens!

[The system wards are those within the system, the ones that work for the system or have connections or that the system works for.  Those are the ultra-rich and their immoral servants. The ones at the bottom of such a hierarchy often have just enough to barely survive while the top echelons live well or extremely well.  The rest of the population (those not a part of the structure and without any connections) have a hard life… In an exceptionally bad society with utterly deviant system: the majority of people (including those servants at the bottom of the evil machine) suffer so that the few at the top could fully enjoy life.  Which often results in some of those low-to-mid level servants sabotaging the system and assisting the real patriots in their noble struggle to defeat the incredible injustice!]

My mind is on fire and my thoughts are hurricanes,
What I teach you has a name and the name is revolution:
Wake up: UNITE and ORGANIZE!