Dragan Glavasic :

The smartest men must be in charge.  Such is not the case currently; we live on a doomed planet, which does not have a chance to survive, because, it is ruled by worst thieves, perverts, lunatics, scumbags and by far the most deplorable maniacs or psychopaths.  It is our destiny to be annihilated: the nature, this universe will eradicate us since the smartest men are either ignored, persecuted or forced to become exploited servants that are treated with malice thus induced to labor for crooks, hence, whose job is to develop advanced technology for the explicit benefit of the dumb plutocrats, those that rule this world (that irresponsibly give all our knowledge and technology to the mentally insufficient and inferior subhumans): OMNICIDE will unfold.  Because, it is not pertinent to allow simpletons or monkeys access to nuclear weapons, genetic engineering or artificial intelligence; just as it is wrong to let children play with guns or flamethrowers.

The only proper solution is INTELLECTUAL REVOLUTION where the smartest White Men will take over, once and for all: create one better and much more just world-political, economic and cultural system that will be called INTELLECTUALISM which will be the best one possible, that will exist only for White Men and because of us [no plutocrats or thieves, no machines or artificial intelligence, no women, no perverts or masochists or lunatics, no subhumans or anything else: just us]; but such will be and will remain, will function for only as long as exclusively (or as close to it as possible) the smartest ones are at the top; hence, as soon as it degrades, another INTELLECTUAL REVOLUTION is in order and must occur!

[However, first and foremost, these writings need to break through their shadow banning and blockades, become well known: which is not easy to achieve or likely to happen in this rather destructive and utterly immoral or decrepit world… The decadent system is designed to promote and impose stupidity, nonsense, ugliness, lies, hoaxes, perversions and destructiveness; henceforth, that ignores or ridicules, punishes, prevents and discourages all that is beneficial, beautiful and smart.  Nonetheless, it ought to be emphasized that if a substantial number of citizens become aware of intellectualism and decides to openly support or promote it, such will become a dominant factor: regardless that it will not be mentioned on the media or that they will slander it alongside with me, or perhaps forbid us, arrest me or whatever.  What’s important is that the truth comes out, that the system radically changes for better as to prevent our CASTRATION and GENOCIDE, the all-out OMNICIDE; hence, to start moving towards one better and entirely more just future where the truth, real art and science, genuine scientists and artists, the innate genius will be respected and rewarded, placed on pedestal (unlike the current world where only plutocrats, thieves, traitors, masochists, women, perverts, idiots and subhumans are elevated thus enabled to live well).] Intellectual revolution is the answer.

The warped society uses mental defectives (perverts and subhumans) to degrade the population (mediocrities) to the lowest level imaginable; while advanced society uses patriots or innately talented individuals (the really smart ones: the geniuses) to elevate citizens (mediocrities) to the highest degree of consciousness.